Askida podcast #1: What are microservices?

For the first episode of the Askida podcast, three experts from our team, Jonathan, Sam and Erik, joined our president, Steeve Duchesne, to talk about microservices and their growing importance within the industry. The conversation is in French. Intro music: Ryan Cullinane

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Why Askida chose quality

I’ve spent years feeling secretly jealous of companies that had properly identified the true core of their organization, that one central, non-negotiable element around which everything revolves. Companies that had successfully managed to identify and cultivate this aspect of their business DNA, I felt, were much more likely to succeed and prosper. Often, this central […]

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How to deliver quality

Since our previous blog entry was about our decision as a company to focus on software quality, I thought I would try shedding some light on the various methods Askida uses internally to deliver exceptional software quality. As Askida’s Director of Operations, I am responsible for the quality of the software solutions we deliver to […]

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Pet of the Month – Wall of Fame

Here’s our Pet Wall of Fame! Every month, we invite our team to submit a photo and a short description of their pets and we choose our favourite. The animal becomes Askida’s official “Pet of the Month.” 🙂   APRIL 2017 – – Logan Nickname: Logi Belongs to: Laurence from the marketing team Breed: Extremely […]

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