Pet of the Month – Wall of Fame

Here’s our Pet Wall of Fame! Every month, we invite our team to submit a photo and a short description of their pets and we choose our favourite. The animal becomes Askida’s official “Pet of the Month.” ūüôā


APRIL 2017


Nickname: Logi

Belongs to: Laurence from the marketing team

Breed: Extremely mixed

Came from: SPCA

Age: 5 years old

Personality: Like a big loving potato

Favourite activities: Going on walks, eating and sleeping

Favourite toy: A soft pink sheep

Favourite food: Pretty much anything with chicken in it.



MAY 2017




Nickname : Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White

Belongs to: Sylvain from the sales team

Breed : French Spaniel

Came from : A breeder that deals with the Canadian Border Services Agency

Age : 7 years old

Personality : Loving, but very stubborn

Favourite activity : Going on walks in the St-Sauveur forest

Favourite toy : Socks, especially dirty ones

Favourite food :  Big dog treats from Costco



JUNE 2017


Nickname : Princess

Belongs to: Jean-Jacques Ledoux

Breed :¬†A mix of “Maine Coon” and “Tabby”

Came from : SPCA

Age : About 15 years old

Personality : Loves to cuddle, patient with babies, but doesn’t get along very well with other animals

Favourite activity : Sleeping and purring extremely loudly

Favourite toy : A string toy or shoelace that you drag around on the floor

Favourite food :  St-Hubert chicken



JULY 2017



Nickname : Tarantino, Romeo, Chicken Little (he thinks the sky is falling)

Belongs to: Valérie André

Breed : Italian Greyhound

Came from : Private Breeder

Age : 4 years old

Personality : Loves to play, affectionate, timid

Favourite activity : Playing with his sisters, running outside

Favourite toy : Anything that’s soft, a blanket, a sock, a piece of clothing, etc..

Favourite food : Fruits and vegetables…. but mostly dandelions





Nickname : Seb

Belongs to: Marc Dumont

Breed : Mixed

Came from : SPCA

Age : 2 years and a half

Personality : Shy

Favourite activity :¬†Observe what’s happening and sleeping

Favourite toy : Small plastic mouse

Favourite food : Dried shrimps






Nickname : Big cat

Belongs to:¬†Ma√ęl Rieussec

Breed : Mixed/unknown

Came from : Adopted from a friend, whose cat had kittens

Age :  5 years old

Personality : Calm

Favourite activity :¬†Sleep in the grass or on someone’s clothes

Favourite toy : Paper

Favourite food : Whiskas Temptations






Nickname : Shazdeh

Belongs to: Leili Tahtolkasaei

Breed : Siamois

Age : 2 years old

Personality : Very friendly and loving

Favourite activity : Playing with insects

Favourite food : Royal Canin for Siamese cats, Chips (Cape Cod)



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