Why Askida chose quality

I’ve spent years feeling secretly jealous of companies that had properly identified the true core of their organization, that one central, non-negotiable element around which everything revolves. Companies that had successfully managed to identify and cultivate this aspect of their business DNA, I felt, were much more likely to succeed and prosper.

Often, this central element isn’t visible at first glance. Take, for example, Google, whose business model revolves not around a search engine, but advertising, McDonalds, which is first a real estate business and second a fast-food restaurant that serves burgers, or companies that sell cheap printers to be able to sell more ink cartridges.

Up until two years ago, Askida was a company specialized in custom software development and software modernization. Except for our amazing team and the outstanding quality of the software solutions we developed, very little distinguished us from our competitors from an outsider’s point of view.

Throughout our research, one element kept coming up again and again: Software quality.

At that point in time, we decided to take a step back and revaluate where we were heading. We launched an in-depth review of our organization to see what we could learn from our realisations over the past 15 years, our methodology, our position in the market and our values as a company.

Throughout our research, one element kept coming up again and again: Software quality. Though over the years we had developed for millions of dollars in software, there were only a few bugs and errors that had made their way from the production floor to the final product we delivered. As a team, we could still remember every single one of these incidents, because for us, they had been (and were still) unacceptable.

Talking with our team made it very clear that everyone was passionate about software quality and that we all wanted the same thing, which was to deliver quality, bug-free software to our clients we could be proud of. We realized that our true mission was not only to develop custom software solutions, but also to constantly seek, as a team, new ways, tools and methods to deliver even higher quality software. In other words, software quality was the true core of our business, what would allow us to stand out in a market that often integrates quality too late into the development process.

Following this breakthrough, we decided to put software quality at the center of our business, marketing and public identity. With the help of our software solution developed in-house, Askida, which orchestrates automated tests, we started offering quality assurance testing services to our clients. The market responded incredibly well to this new identity, allowing us to experience tremendous growth in 2016.

It’s not always easy for a company to discover that one central element at the core of its business. Various opportunities, organizational changes and budget constraints can all affect a company’s ability to properly identify what truly lies at its center. However, discovering that element can be a powerful catalyst for an organization, allowing everyone to rally around a clear mission statement. Since our mission statement revolves around software quality, it puts a lot of pressure on us to go above and beyond to deliver flawless products to our clients, but that’s also something we take a lot of pride in.

Image Steeve Duchesne

Steeve Duchesne

PDG à Askida / CEO at Askida