Enjoy your work environment

Quality is part of Askida’s DNA. Our team regularly demonstrates an absolute commitment to software quality, which allows us to stand out in a market that far too often integrates quality way too late into the development process. If you’re looking for new challenges, exciting projects and a growing company that will nurture your talents and allow you to reach new heights, join our team today and help us shine even more!

Stimulating projects, important clients

We generally work with established companies that seek better software quality and aren’t afraid to innovate. Our goal is to create, adapt, improve and test applications that are tailored to our clients’ specific business needs. In the past, we’ve worked with companies such as Bell, Banque Laurentienne, Loto-Québec and many others. No two projects are ever completely alike, so there are always new and interesting challenges to tackle.

We don’t like complicated hierarchies

Our development processes are inspired by Agile Scrum and Lean Management principles. This approach allows us to adapt development according to our clients’ needs, making projects more flexible and collaborative. Moreover, Lean Management principles make hierarchical structures flatter, preventing them for slowing down work. In other words: More control and better results.

Starting to get a little crowded in here

Askida is growing. We had a record year in 2016, during which we doubled in size in Montreal and opened a new office in Toronto for the first time. With our Askida solution, which was developed entirely in-house and is about to reach technological maturity, the new few years look very promising for us. Don’t miss out!

Offices located in a scenic historic neighborhood

Our offices in Montreal are located at 410 St-Nicolas in the Old Port. Around our building, you’ll find everything you need, including cafés, restaurants, gyms and more. If you prefer to eat at the office, Askida also puts at your disposal a kitchen complete with fridges, a coffee machine, tables and a television set.

Let’s chat!

Presented regularly, Askida Talks allow our employees to meet special guests who come to our offices to present a talk about a subject near and dear to their heart. These discussions are inspiring and engaging, and allow you to make new discoveries that can benefit your personal and professional life.

Work in your PJs

We prefer to give our team a little more flexibility in regards to their work hours, including an option to work remotely. This gives our employees more autonomy, which we think can both boost morale at work as well as productivity.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

We like to take good care of our employees. We have fresh fruits every Monday, baked goods every Friday, Askida water bottles, coffee mugs and beanies, a babyfoot table, a membership to a gym located near our offices, “get together” events, a friendly and welcoming work atmosphere, a lounge area and more. Our goal is to make you feel appreciated.


Ready to take the leap? Have a look at our job openings. If you can’t find an open position that suits you, try sending in a spontaneous application!