PROJECT: Analysis, development and support of an insurance policy management system

CATEGORY: Quality Assurance, Software Development

CLIENT: MMQ (Mutuelle des Municipalités du Québec)


As part of this project, Askida had to recover an insurance policy management system developed by a third party that was facing financial difficulties. Our team studied and analyzed the original code, then put in place pre-production and software development environments, allowing the MMQ to potentially continue to modify the software solution over time. Askida also handled several important modification requests and improved the system’s performance and security.


This complex project required a lot of work in collaboration with the MMQ. In the end, Askida is very proud of the final software quality we delivered.


By choosing Askida, the MMQ benefited from the expertise of a reliable software development partner that could take over a troubled development process and improve the system in place, allowing the MMQ to reach its business objectives.