PROJECT: Implementation of automated tests

CATEGORY: Askida Software



TELUS Health is a Canadian leader in the world of telehealth, electronic health files, health services provided to consumers, pharmacy management systems and much more. The company wanted to improve its software quality assurance processes to be more efficient while also lowering costs. Askida was tasked with working closely with TELUS Health’s team to help them implement automated tests.


This project began in 2016. Askida’s team had to work with TELUS Health’s team without affecting the quality of the company’s software or its live products. Using the Askida software solution, which orchestrates automated tests regardless of the technology in place, greatly facilitated implementing test automation, reducing the amount of effort required to test applications while also improving overall software quality.


This project was a tremendous success for Askida as well as TELUS Health. At first, TELUS Health had forecasted a positive return on investment after 24 months. After only one year, the company had already reached its objectives.

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