PROJECT: Modernisation of a Desjardins application

CATEGORY: Modernisation, Askida Software

CLIENT: Desjardins Group


Askida had to modernize an obsolete software application that’s an important part of Desjardins’ daily operations and used in hundreds of banks. Moreover, Askida had to do so without affecting daily operations or user services in any way. Lastly, Desjardins’ teams wanted to use this opportunity to improve its organizational structure and allow the new application to continue to evolve over time to offer new services.


This project, which lasted 11 months, is composed of 770 screens, 200 reports and 360 programs. The end result is an application that handles 750,000 transactions per day on average. It was developed using Agile methods by a team composed of developers, script writers and QA analysts that were working alongside Desjardins’ team. Using Askida’s software solution that orchestrate automated tests, we developed more than 5 500 different test scenarios.


In the end, our client was very happy with this project and we will continue to support this application for the next 3 years.