PROJECT: Modernisation of a Groupe Forget application

CATEGORY: Modernisation, Askida software

CLIENT: Groupe Forget


Askida was tasked with replacing Groupe Forget’s current management system (for clients, schedules, goods and services). This extremely important application is used by administrative assistants, audiologists, audio prosthetists and more. The application needs to be secure, stable and easy to use. Moreover, the Search function must allow users to find the information they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Lastly, improving the system’s waitlist, the search functionality to manage a user’s schedule and electronic worksheets are high-value priorities for Groupe Forget.


The initial project lasted 7 months and was delivered successfully. Following this version, the client decided to continue development to add extra features and services.


Thanks to our experience, the tools we’ve developed internally and the Agile methods, Askida proposed the best strategy to develop new software replicating all off Groupe Forget’s system’s current functionalities. Askida’s methods guarantee excellent software quality and the best return on investment on the market. To facilitate development, Groupe Forget’s team is working alongside Askida’s team as part of this project.