PROJECT: Modernisation of a HydroSolution application

CATEGORY: Modernisation, Askida Software

CLIENT: HydroSolution


Askida was tasked with a very important project: modernising HydroSolution’ internal system, which is at the heart of the company’s daily operations, to help the organisation meet its growth objectives and become more efficient overall. The software rewrite of the internal system includes a complete analysis of the current code as well as new changes specified by the client (more than 300 use cases overall). Moreover, we need to make sure the system stays active and is supported throughout development to insure no software disturbance.


This project, which will take over 18 months in total to complete, began in 2017. The internal application is used by different types of users with different needs, which means the application needs to be intuitive and easy to use. Screens must contain all the information users need to accelerate service, which in the long run could translate into incredible gains for the company.


Askida and HydroSolution’ teams worked closely together to facilitate the development of the new application. We used Agile methods as well as cutting edge tools and techniques to reach our objectives.