PROJECT: Modernization of an insurance plan management system

CATEGORY: Software Development, Modernization

CLIENT: ASEQ (Alliance pour la santé étudiante du Québec)


Developed in partnership with Integra-Co, this project involved modernizing various technological components of a student insurance plan management system. Askida’s team also had to automate or improve various business processes to simplify ASEQ’s internal procedures. Lastly, the upgrade also needed to give ASEQ more agility and flexibility, allowing the organization to possibly add new products and services as it continues to grow.


This project took 11 months to complete. Askida’s team worked closely with Integra-Co and ASEQ using Agile development methods. In the end, the team delivered excellent software quality.


This project went well and the partnership with Integra-Co means the client received excellent software quality while simultaneously reducing costs.