Why large companies put their trust in Askida

A look at Askida 

Askida is a centre of expertise in software development and quality assurance (QA) that optimizes the competitive advantages of its clients while reducing costs and lowering risk. The company develops QA strategies and tested custom software solutions for clients all over North America. Askida has also developed a proprietary application that ensures the quality of existing software: Askida CT.



Askida was hired by a major manufacturing company with several billion dollars in assets, more than 200,000 clients and nearly 2,000 employees. The company had launched a transformation initiative that would include migrating their IT environment to the cloud.


The project is set to be implemented over several years and is based on two axes:

– Carrying out a cloud transition to the Oracle Cloud and Salesforce platforms (migrating nearly all corporate applications, including the company’s SaaS CRM and HR systems)

– Ensuring a high-quality and stable cloud migration and adopting the agile method for technological transformation projects


Client challenges

The company’s IT infrastructure and environment are highly developed and extremely complex, with over 200 applications running on several different technologies: SaaS CRM, HR Cloud, Salesforce Platform, etc.

The company also lacked a comprehensive QA strategy. The minimal testing they performed was done manually. Because of the complexity of the environment, the company needed to automate its testing and better manage its QA processes.


Constraints identified in the client’s environment:

  1. The complexity and diversity of the client’s environment: databases, web applications, desktop applications, microservices, inter-system interfaces, etc.
  2. Imprecise QA requirements on the part of the client
  3. Organizational resistance to adopting automated testing
  4. The fact that the company was only beginning to implement the agile method and quality assurance (QA processes must be firmly established before testing can be automated)



Askida developed a toolbox to ensure the quality of the cloud solutions once all data had been migrated (internal system versus external cloud)


To do so, Askida:

– Improved the overall QA strategy for the cloud transition and carried out the test automation process

– Proposed a centralized application to manage and automate tests across the client’s different environments

– Demonstrated, through a proof of concept (PoC), that automated tests scheduled after regular updates to the cloud systems would detect regressions and prevent service interruptions



The client chose Askida CT to serve as a unified solution to manage and automate testing and carry out automated and manual testing in one location, while seamlessly incorporating continuous integration and automated deployment processes.

In addition, by combining Askida CT with the guidance of Askida’s quality assurance experts, the company’s own QA specialists are now equipped to write automated testing scripts on their own. This frees up the developers to focus on delivering business value.

Thanks to Askida CT, the company was able to save significant time and effort that was previously spent on manual and regression testing. The application integrates easily with all of the client’s environments and platforms (DB, UI, desktop, REST API, web applications).

The company’s upper management has a clear overview of its applications and services and is equipped to make sound decisions to maintain their quality, by referring to a dashboard with the results of both automated and manual tests.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-514-286-9366 or by email at info@askida.com.

Image Alexia-Jade Brunel

Alexia-Jade Brunel

Coordonnatrice Marketing chez Askida | Marketing Coordinator at Askida