With the help of a new Askida custom software solution, Groupe Forget are changing the way they work. Find out how.


Groupe Forget has grown significantly over the past five years, expanding their network from 60 locations to a total of more than 90 across the province today. This kind of rapid growth can be difficult to manage, and a proactive and structured approach is essential. During a period of major expansion, the main priorities are to remain vigilant, maintain control of the situation, establish concrete objectives and equip yourself with the means to achieve them. To rise to the challenges created by the company’s growth, Groupe Forget recognized a need to update their business processes and implement appropriate solutions.



The client had identified several issues. First of all, each clinic was using its own software, which meant their operational processes were all different. Additionally, each server instance had its own database, creating internal challenges and affecting the level of customer service.


The old solution was also not very intuitive. The interface was not user-friendly, the information was poorly displayed and the technology was outdated. Making improvements or adding new features had become extremely difficult, if not impossible. Finally, the old application was increasingly out of step with the company’s growth strategy.


To support the client through their current expansion and overcome the identified challenges, Askida had to innovate by developing a solution down to the finest details, ultimately delivering a high value-added product.



Following an in-depth review of available solutions, an assessment of firms offering this type of service and a steering committee vote, Askida was hired to develop a new custom software solution: a platform tailored to Groupe Forget’s new reality and growing needs.


The MedAudio software is an EMR/accounting/inventory/document management platform for audiologists, audioprosthetists, ENTs, managers, accounting agents, receptionists and affiliates to optimize their processes and boost productivity.


As a first step, the old application’s business functions were redeveloped based on an updated architecture and current technology. Instead of a heavy integrated application, users now work with a fast and user-friendly web platform. A simple automated data conversion procedure is all it takes to deploy the updated application at a new clinic.


Secondly, the new features that users had been asking for were developed and implemented. Patient files, specialist appointments and schedules, billing and inventory management for the entire network are now centralized.


”Askida stood out for its agile methodology, client approach, expertise and experience in developing custom software, among other things.”

— Steve Forget, President of Groupe Forget



From the client’s perspective, MedAudio helps employees work more efficiently and provide better service while reducing operating costs. Compared to the previous software, the new MedAudio application is simpler, more user-friendly, more reliable, more scalable and able to process more information.


”The choice of a stable and proven technology has allowed us to centralize all our information in on place, bringing a fluidity to our business processes and a faster evolution.”

— Martin Ouellet, Information Technology Officer, Groupe Forget


On the whole, the new platform adds value in a variety of ways:

  • – Centralized solution
  • – Cutting-edge customer service
  • – Software without recurring third-party fees
  • – Standard operational procedures across all clinics
  • – Enhanced operational security
  • – Increased employee productivity
  • – Peace of mind


Groupe Forget has enlisted Askida to develop the solution going forward. Several initiatives have been launched, including a project to integrate document management functions into clients’ electronic medical records across the entire network. This new feature will make it possible to add scanned paper documents to client records.


A feasibility review is also underway to assess the possibility of adding corporate accounting processes to MedAudio. In the short term, Groupe Forget is equipped with a comprehensive solution for managing its clinics’ activities, its patients’ electronic records and its full catalogue of products and services.


”We’re committed to offering a simple and efficient client experience, and Askida’s technology helps us do just that.”

— Steve Forget, President of Groupe Forget


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About Groupe Forget

Founded in 1985 by a passionate young audioprosthetist, Groupe Forget, Audioprosthetists is now the largest hearing health network in Québec, with more than 90 clinics across the province. For over 30 years, they’ve been helping patients rediscover the pleasure of hearing and raising public awareness about the importance of hearing health. The audioprosthetistsat Groupe Forget provide a wide range of hearing services and products.To learn more, visit www.legroupeforget.com/en.


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