Webinar: DevOps & DataOps

In order to move quickly, companies struggle to unleash innovation within their workforce. They have made great progress in their Agile transformation. They started migrating to cloud computing environments and implemented new DevOps practices. They hired the best to exploit the latest technologies and processes.

Yet many companies are still failing their digital transformation, in part because they are not quite mastering one of the most critical aspects of the new digital economy: data.

DataOps is the alignment of people, processes and technology to enable fast, automated and secure data management, eliminating friction throughout the data lifecycle.

In this one-hour webinar, François Bonetto, VP Solutions at Askida and Serge de La Sablonnière, Solutions Consultant at Delphix, explain how DevOps and DataOps can help organizations speed up the quality of their software development projects.

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Team Askida

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