Webinar : Why Test Automation Is A Must

Software testing is increasingly complex while delivery timelines are shortened and software bugs can have a disastrous impact on your bottom line.

Information technology is everywhere. Software quality should be a top priority for your organization.

As manual testing is no longer sufficient, many automated tests and scripting tools have emerged on the market. Whether it’s Selenium, HP UFT, TestComplete, Testing Anywhere or other tools (and there are many!), each of them claims to improve the performance of tests and software quality.

However, the transition between manual to automated tests is not that simple and the results often do not reflect what was expected. Why is that?

Our webinar will discuss the following:

-Why automate

-The challenges of shifting from manual to automated testing

-Why current scripting tools do not deliver the expected ROI

-A new approach to simplify the adoption and ensure a positive ROI

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Team Askida

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